Reviews for August 2020 Releases

Please let me know of any reviews you would like me to add! Feel free to add your own in the comments!

“The Black Midnight” – Kathleen Y’Barbo
Review from “Best in Suspense”
Review from “Book Reviews from an Avid Reader”

“The Mockingbird’s Song” – Wanda Brunstetter
Review from “Rosepoint Publishing”
Review from “Fresh Fiction”

The Soldier’s Lady” – Novella Collection

“Piecing it All Together” – Leslie Gould
Review from “Publishers Weekly”

“Vying for the Viscount” – Kristi Ann Hunter
Review from “Publishers Weekly”
Review from “Roseanne E. Lortz”
Review from “Hallie Reads”
Review from “Iola Goulton”

“Minutes to Die” – Susan Sleeman
Review from “Faithfully Bookish”
Review from “Christian Bookshelf Reviews”

“Love and a Little White Lie” – Tammy L. Gray
Review from “JenGalaxy4”
Review from “Christian Fiction Girl”
Review from “Life in the Books”

“A Dazzle of Diamonds” – Liz Johnson
Review from “Christian Bookshelf Reviews”

“Acceptable Risk” – Lynette Eason
Review from “Life is Story”

“A Life Once Dreamed” – Rachel Fordham
Review from “Life is Story”

“Peace in the Valley” – Kelly Irvin
Review from “She Lives to Read”

“Sea Glass Castle” – T.I. Lowe
Review from “Luv2read”

“Rahab, Woman of Jericho” – Diana Wallis Taylor
Review from “lakesidelivingsite”

“The London Restoration” – Rachel McMillan
Review from “The Christian Fiction Girl”

Love in Unlikely Places” – Linda Byler
Review from “The Avid Reader”

“Almost a Bride” – Jody Hedlund
Review from “Like an Anchor”

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